The following list includes all the deliverables produced within SIFIS-Home.

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List of deliverables and the outcome month

Work Package 1

Work Package 2

Work Package 3

D3.3 — M33:

Final Report on Network and System Security Solutions

Work Package 4

D4.3 — M33:

Final Development of Privacy Aware Analytics for Secure Services

Work Package 5

D5.4 — M33:

Final Version of SIFIS-Home Security Architecture Implementation

Work Package 6

D6.4 — M36:

Final Version of Pilot Use Case Implementation

Work Package 7

D7.4 — M36:

Final Dissemination Report

D7.5 — M36:

Final Standardization Report

D7.6 — M36:

Final Business and Exploitation Plan

D7.7 — M4:

Work Package 8

D8.3 — M36:

Period 2 Management Reports