Wiretapping on the reel tape recorder. Headphones near the technique. Special agent work. Retro old school spying on conversations. Picture is from Adobe Stock.

Traveling in the 80s and a home full of smart devices

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While the allegedly bugged Soviet hotel rooms were shrouded in secrecy, the tales about them bear a fascinating resemblance to a modern phenomenon, a home filled with smart technology that could easily be used for espionage. Smart Home ecosystems bring us convenience and practicality we have never seen before, but they also raise privacy concerns. As we invite smart technology to our homes, we are faced with the fact that convenience comes at the cost of privacy and with an unsettling hunch that we may not be aware of how much of our privacy we are trading off. Are we in fact bugging our own homes?

Hands on the computer´s keyboard.

About NIS 2

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Soon after the implementation of NIS 1 into national law, the NIS 2 directive, which came into force this year, was introduced by the EU Parliament in response to the increasing cyberattacks during the COVID-19 pandemic and the shortcomings of its predecessor, NIS 1. It is crucial for organizations to engage in discussions with the […]

Lines in different colors. Shaped like a brain.

Behavior analysis in cybersecurity

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Behavioral analysis plays an important role in cybersecurity as it helps identify and prevent cyber threats by understanding human behavior. Cybersecurity experts recognize that humans can be the weakest link in online security since even advanced technical measures can be compromised due to human errors. Therefore, extensive research has been conducted to explore the psychological […]


Software evaluation checklist

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Usually, when we develop software we tend to use other software, which is either part of an operating system or taken from third-party libraries that implement building blocks we prefer using instead of reimplementing them from scratch. We are the proverbial dwarves standing on the shoulders of giants and that’s usually good: better using an […]

Security camera

IP cameras do not necessarily improve security

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All devices that are connected to the internet are in danger of being accessed by unknown and potentially malicious third parties. In the case of poorly protected internet-facing cameras, threat actors can in the worst case access the live feed of the camera, record sensitive data, and also use the camera as an access point […]

In this picture a man is holding a magnifying glass in front of his face. And the magnifier is showing a digital picture of some kind of head.

We’re Entering the Age of Deepfakes

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Fake videos generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are more and more convincing. If you have seen Barack Obama call Donald Trump a “complete dipshit” (BuzzFeedVideo 2018), or Mark Zuckerberg brag about having “total control of billions of people’s stolen data” (Yaeger 2019), then you have seen a deepfake. They use a form of AI called […]

In this picture, there is a virtual meeting room with five virtual persons sitting around a table

The metaverse brings new cyber risks

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The gap between the physical and the cyber world is narrowing down, and we are spending more and more time in the artificial universe. One of the most exciting new hypes is the metaverse. It is a term that is used to describe a combination of the virtual reality and mixed reality worlds, that is […]