A look at technical standardization: the importance of agreement and common understanding for interoperable systems and services

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Since the start of the industrial revolution, systems and solutions developed in different technical areas quickly became more and more complex and composite. It did not take long for engineers as well as industrial and commercial players to agree on the importance of having shared guidelines to follow during the design process. This has become even clearer and widely accepted throughout the following decades all the way up to our modern era that features pervasive information technology and the Internet of Things.

Sensative Ratatosk

Sensative Released Ratatosk on Open Source

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Ratatosk is a red squirrel that runs up and down the tree to quickly bring information from Mimer, the dwell of wisdom connected through the roots, to the Gods sitting in the crown of Yggdrasil and back; the same purpose as that of the context broker inYggio 3-to carry messages between connected IoT devices and applications while handling any type of context information.