The security concerns in IoT

A man is holging a mobile in his hand and it looks like that he can control his smarthome with his mobile. In the background there is a beautiful home with different devices, for exmaple tv, windows, lights

Internet of Things (IoT) is a collective term for the evolution in which machines, vehicles, buildings, household appliances, clothing, furniture, watches and other accessories, as well as everyday objects and even our own bodies, can be equipped with small, built-in sensors.

This enables the devices to perceive their surroundings, communicate with it, collect data and create behavioral patterns that are situational. IoT is a central part of the ongoing digitalization of society and it brings many positives, but it also raises questions about security, and we need to become much better at taking care of it.

The text was first published in Centria Bulletin on November 1st, 2021. Read it all:

About the writer

Tom Tuunainen works as a cyber security expert and a teacher at Centria University of Applied Sciences. In SIFIS-Home he works with the system architecture and the development environment.