The Plenary Meeting in Munich

Sifis-Home meeting partners in Munich in plenary meeting. A group of people is watching to camera and smiling.

The 7th SIFIS-Home Plenary Meeting in Munich focused on hands-on demo sessions and upcoming SIFIS-Home exhibition

The 7th SIFIS-Home plenary meeting was held 16-18th of November in beautiful Munich and hosted this time by Intel. In addition to the usual WP status updates and task specific discussions this plenary was focusing especially on hands-on demo sessions and seeing preliminary results from the SIFIS-Home framework demonstrations.

The three-day meeting offered valuable insights on how to progress in the most favorable way in the innovative space of Intel Ignite and sharing views and next steps. The meeting offered the first opportunity to project partners demonstrate the first SIFIS-Home framework results in physical environment with smart and not so smart devices in an imagined smart home environment.

Finally, the upcoming SIFIS-Home dissemination and exploitation activities were planned. The main focus was on the upcoming project wide dissemination and exploitation event as SIFIS-Home project is participating the joint exhibition of all the research projects running under the European Research Cluster for Cybersecurity taking place at the IoT World Solutions Congress and BCN Cybersecurity Congress held jointly on 31.1.-2.2.2023 in Barcelona

The SIFIS-Home project will present jointly with other research projects on a shared exhibition booth, showcasing interactive demonstrations of the SIFIS-Home results and presenting with our top experts during the exhibition. Stay tuned for further details closer to the event – and make sure you won’t miss the event with game-changing technologies for industry transformation!

Stay tuned for frequent updates and material shared via our project website and social media channels.

Best regards, Tuuli Lindroos from F-Secure, the leader of the WP7 (Dissemination, standardization and exploitation)